Reader Reviews


"Dr. Frye does a great job of providing scripture references with real world situational examples. The messy person with the chocolate cake in the new car was hilarious. However, it's great to know that GOD is a forgiving GOD and we're in a good position with HIM."  M. Ingram


"Dr. Frye covers one of the most important topics to know being in the family of God. Knowing who you are in Christ Jesus and knowing how to use your God given authority in the name of JESUS is a must for every born again disciple of Christ. Dr. Frye’s insight helps the believer receive the revelation of what it means to be the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus!" D. Dawson


"Dr. Frye has written a book with practical and relevant principles that the mature Christian and those who are new to the faith can apply to their daily lives. He writes that when we "decide to agree with God and allow Him to develop you from the inside out" is one of many statements that helps the reader realize the importance of a relationship with God to develop your inward nature. His use of personal examples paints a picture that connect the principles he writes about. The scriptures and usage of different biblical translations are relevant throughout the book. I highly recommend this book to anyone who needs to read a book that is clear, understandable and practical tips for life." D. Johnson


"This is a great book for both the newly converted Christian as well as those that have been walking in the faith for years. It clearly outlines who we are and the authority that we have as believers. It further shows that we are to walk in Victory knowing that we have been redeemed through the sacrifice to us from God which was Jesus. This is a very easy read with very anointed and powerful content that will have you thinking and walking in Victory!!" D. Dudley


"Phenomenal!! Great book, engaging and rewarding in itself but also in principle. Recommending to everyone, definitely a MUST!! read!" C. Shelley

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